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There are times when restored marriages are ill-equipped to face new challenges ahead of them. Upon introspection, most families sense their own incompetence in taking care of their spouses and in rearing up children. Acquiring certain skills and being exposed to certain insights in family life develops healthy communication within the family. Focus on training is of utmost necessity to prepare families for the hard times.

Training families to respond to emerging needs of broken families in cities is one of UIM’s primary concerns. For the past two decades, UIM has gained rich experience transforming families through churches, corporate and communities. In keeping with international standards for family life education, UIM is now offering university recognized courses, both in family life education and counselling. UIM offers a place for students aspiring to become the catalyst for change in their families, churches, institutions and in their society.

 All educative programs at UIM are designed to prepare families in their walk with the Lord and with one another. The programs cater not only to young couples but also to elderly couples. Family seminars, parenting seminars and family camps deeply enrich the life of couples. Life skills and value education classes prepare young minds to handle different kinds of situations at home and in the society.

UIM focuses on equipping ‘Family Champions’ who can challenge and transform the obstructive mindset and improve the quality of family life, thereby building a healthy society.