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Restoration in families is a costly affair. It always involves forgiving those who have wronged us and not everyone is ready to forgive. The sense of powerlessness can be overpowering. Watching helplessly as families break apart is heart wrenching. Praying for things to change in the family can be challenging. Time passes swiftly and sometimes nothing changes. The process of restoration can be a hard road to travel on.

It is saddening to see and hear that recovering from a broken marriage is real hard. But the truth is help is on its way. Realigning your thinking, adjusting your expectations, continuing in prayer for your spouse goes a long way in healing broken marriages. Most of the times, there are quite a number of factors that weigh heavily upon the family. Studies done on families invariably point to children as one of the primary reasons for failing marriages. This is also one of the reasons, families look outside the boundary of marriage for comfort and solace.

At UIM, the process of restoring families also extends to catering to the needs of children. When holistic development of families had to be considered, UIM unleashed a project to reach the children of the urban poor. Considering the importance of children in families, UIM caters to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of children. Most importantly presenting Christ as the answer to the deepest questions facing them!

Marriage counselling seeks to strengthen families by equipping them emotionally, socially and spiritually and setting them on the path of restoration. Among the urban teens, UIM also focuses on inculcating knowledge, values and skills, helping young people lead fulfilling lives. This serves to strengthen family bonds and encourages mutual understanding between the children and parents.