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Marriages in India have succumbed to popular schools of thought influenced by various mythologies. Largely driven by ideologies, it has devastated families, and resulted in broken societies. The alarming rate at which, families are heading towards a certain fall is quite uncalled for. Lack of proper family life education is seen as foremost when families collapse and the society has turned numb in its response towards the drastic outcome of broken families.


At UIM, the need to educate families is foremost, it is a missional priority. UIM focuses on discipling, counselling, educating and empowering families. The number of programs such as family seminars, parenting seminars and family camps are designed to help couples grow closer in their walk with the Lord. Through counselling, families are equipped emotionally, socially and spiritually. UIM reaches the urban teens through its life skill programs, helping young people lead purposeful lives.


A number of educational activities undertaken by UIM reach the urban poor. Free tuition centres, coaching classes, career guidance classes, are tailored to address the needs of children living in the slums. Bible studies for teens and children, bi-monthly programs, parents meeting, summer camps, medical camps, sports meet, young couples meet, spiritual retreat and Christmas programs cater largely to the spiritual needs of families living in the slums.


The recent advancement into family life education has helped UIM envision itself in the arena of higher education. Working towards improving the quality of family life through its educational program has taken UIM a step ahead in fulfilling its mission of building healthy families in the society at large.

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