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Partnership in family and marriage is crucial for a healthy relationship. Merely getting along with one another in marriage does not suffice. Daily tasks and activities involve mutual involvement and team work. And families need to make decisions on a regular basis. From meeting the expectations of one another, taking care of the children and moving forward together in life requires mutual understanding in the family.

Relationship with one another in a family is unique for each family. But all families share some common traits that helps them partner with one another. Committing to trust one another, willingness to share responsibilities, appreciating one another, respecting and caring for one another, resolving conflicts, envisioning the future and moving forward together are some of the traits commonly seen in healthy families.

At UIM, partnering with families is crucial to fulfilling its vision. Working towards empowering families in need through other families has also been the modus operandi for UIM. Family programs include seminars, camps and other programs designed to help couples partner with one another and with other families in cities.